Work progress 10/07/2018 – 10/13/2018




I’ve realized that I’m probably not going to be satisfied with how the drawings come out. I mean I can’t expect to draw something perfect if  I haven’t done it before and knowing that makes me feel like I need to fix the drawings. I look at these and although I like them I see so many “mistakes”, and so far. I think I have to work a little harder on composition and consistency. As far as the story goes, I feel like I’m having fun just drawing/writing the story as I go, the only hard part is coming up with scenes that I like and think are worth putting that effort into them. I want to draw stuff that is fun to me and that I would love to see.

Not sure if that first drawing is a little confusing and makes me think that drawing night scenes is going to be a little hard and I’m going to have to work on that. I also don’t know if the scene is too clear, my wife told me it looks like it’s inside instead of outside so I might have to redraw that one again. I do like some of the details I put in that one and I think is very well balanced.

I really like the second drawing and think that it’s pretty much a finished panel and all it needs is inking. But at the same time I’m not putting any thought to the overall composition of the finished product. I don’t know how the pages are going to look and how I will be arranging the panles on the page. But for now I’m just going to focus on writing/drawing the story in pencil and I guess that I will be doing a lot of editing once it’s finish with this stage.

Not sure about that last scene here. I’m not to happy with some of the characters and even the background. We’ll see if I end up redrawing that one.


Creo que la historia se esta formando.

Esto de dejar que la historia se escriba sola parece que se puede tardar. Obviamente siento que ahy algo muy natural en el proceso pero aveces siento que quiero avanzar, ya que dicen que uno no puede esperar por la inspiración. Me doy cuenta que al tratar de forzar sucesos cágo la historia. Como quiera, no tengo tiempo para inventarme cosas en la mente. Sólo seguiré dibujando.

I think the story is forming.
It looks like letting the story write itself will take some time. I feel like there’s something obviously natural in this process but sometimes I feel like I want to hurry up, they day that one can not wait for inspiration. I notice that when trying to force scenes I mess up the story. Anyway, I don’t have time to make things up in my mind. I’ll just keep drawing.