Work progress 10/07/2018 – 10/13/2018




I’ve realized that I’m probably not going to be satisfied with how the drawings come out. I mean I can’t expect to draw something perfect if  I haven’t done it before and knowing that makes me feel like I need to fix the drawings. I look at these and although I like them I see so many “mistakes”, and so far. I think I have to work a little harder on composition and consistency. As far as the story goes, I feel like I’m having fun just drawing/writing the story as I go, the only hard part is coming up with scenes that I like and think are worth putting that effort into them. I want to draw stuff that is fun to me and that I would love to see.

Not sure if that first drawing is a little confusing and makes me think that drawing night scenes is going to be a little hard and I’m going to have to work on that. I also don’t know if the scene is too clear, my wife told me it looks like it’s inside instead of outside so I might have to redraw that one again. I do like some of the details I put in that one and I think is very well balanced.

I really like the second drawing and think that it’s pretty much a finished panel and all it needs is inking. But at the same time I’m not putting any thought to the overall composition of the finished product. I don’t know how the pages are going to look and how I will be arranging the panles on the page. But for now I’m just going to focus on writing/drawing the story in pencil and I guess that I will be doing a lot of editing once it’s finish with this stage.

Not sure about that last scene here. I’m not to happy with some of the characters and even the background. We’ll see if I end up redrawing that one.


Last day of practicing girls

practice sketches010

I figure it’s basically adding lips, pretty eyes and I guess a small waist helps.  Damn!  That broad came out dope!  I think I’m done practicing girls.  I think I got this!  Naw, I gotta keep practicing.  But I think that zombie girl looks good enough to star in one of my stories!  But yeah, I’ll keep building my women hairstyles and clothing morgues on Pinterest for when I need ideas and I think I’m good.  And also if I need a specific pose for a scene I can sketch it out first and practice it until I get it and add it to the panel.

Also, for anyone stumbling into this website looking for help on learning how to draw caricatures and stuff like that, I always recommend these books:

Cartooning Philosophy and Practice

Cartooning The Head and Figure

Character design by Sherm Cohen

The Lexicon of Comicana

But there’s also an invaluable free resource on the internet called Famous Artists Cartoon Course. It’s a course by mail from the past by some of the masters of that time. You can pretty much use just that and become a great cartoonist.

Sencond day of learning

practice sketches003practice sketches004practice sketches005practice sketches006practice sketches007practice sketches008

Hopefully I’ll get around to drawing decent looking females at some point in my life. Using step instructions I decided to draw a complete body of a girl in some sort of action after trying some exercises of faces from the books.  Playing guitar.  So, according to most instructions fro old cartooning books women bodies, even in cartoons have to be more curvaceous and the face features also need to be more subtle. So following instructions and looking at some pictures on Pinterest I tried mimicking the stance of some rocking girls but making them as cartoons and changing the clothes and drawing a made up face.  I mean, depending on if the story calls for a curvaceous lady I should learn how to draw them but I’m not all that interested in that form per se for my stories. The inked cartoon on the last page is a little more along the line of what I want to achieve as far as style but not yet there. Still it looks too much like a little girl and I’m trying to draw women.  When I think about it I guess the one on the fifth page playing the Explorer guitar is pretty good but the face, I don’t think so, not a memorable character.  I really like the curves on that one and the stance, but that one was done using a reference picture for the pose. And I guess that’s ok but I really want to know how to construct a body and use that knowledge to make original poses that I imagine for my characters.

Every time I sit down to work on these exercises I feel a resistance. I sit down and draw and don’t feel happy with the result. But when I finish I feel happy about trying and working at getting better.  The mediocre drawings are there as a proof of a slow process.

I have a bunch of situations for scenes written down I’m going to bring them out and start connecting them to make a story and I.m going to start sketching it out to see what things other than drawing girls I need to improve.

If anyone wants to know what books I use to learn:

Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice

Cartooning the Head and Figure

The Lexicon of Comicana

Cartooning: Character Design (How to Draw & Paint)