Sticker Sheets no.1 and no.2

Download, go to Kinkos, print on sticker paper, Cut stickers with Xacto knife or scissors, take to the streets, stick’em up wherever you want. If you do, take a picture, put it up on Instagram and tag me #croknok. Here are the download links: stickersheet stickersheet2

Rhythmic walking

approximately 8 1/2″ x 10″ Beautiful abstract drawing made with india ink on archival paper. The paper is natural color paper. It is a simple minimalist style original illustration. This painting is ideal for adding a modern look to any dwelling. With a subtle graffiti influence it is a perfect piece for all who…

Drinking Tart

I really like how this one came out also.  Very cartoony very abstract and minimal. Slightly messy too. Check out my etsy shop here: croknok