First four panels of a new story

Making comics is so hard. Sometimes I just feel like not even trying seriously. And I have said to my self a bunch of times I’m not going to do this, I can’t do it. But the thing is I admire the art for so much that every time I see a new independent cartoonist I get that bug again and I grab a pencil and a paper as soon as I have time and I start scribbling away. And I realize that it’s really not that hard, I mean you can make a comic with stick figures but I guess for people that like to draw there’s this, like, self evaluation where, one like looks at your drawings and you’re like, damn, I have zero talent! It’s amazing how I can even think that I know how to draw. But I come from the punk rock school of though where if you really want to do something you do it  even if it sucks, because you want to do it! And I think that independent comics have that same ideology so it’s good.

Anyway, I started drawing a story (again) but this time, right after the first panel, instead of stopping I kept drawing. Because the thing is that I noticed that for some reason right after that first drawing I feel kind of scared to keep drawing.  So I said screw it I’m just going to force my self to draw that second panel.


This is the first panel. I actually drew this panel three times. The first two where straight up horrible. There a things that can be improved but I am pretty happy with how this came out specially the background. I suck at drawing backgrounds and I realized that it is one of the reasons why I feel scared to draw comics. It is actually a challenge for me to make this and I have to force my self to keep doing it. And I’m not saying I force my self as in I’m forcing myself to do something I don’t want to do, I’m forcing y self to break out of that fear of feeling I can’t do something because I don’t have the technical ability to do it and just conquer that dear and just put pen to paper and do the work to learn to draw what I don’t know how to draw and carry out my desire to create something that’s living in my imagination.


This is supposed to be the same guy that’s in the first panel butt if you notice I kind of fleshed out the arms and the shoes. And that was a decision I made in the moment, I just felt like I din’t want the arms to be sticks and I added a little bit of detail to the shoes and I’m diggin’ how the character looks a lot more and I think that that’s going to be the overall style for all the characters I end up creating for this story. Although I am somewhat happy with this drawing that I feel look wack when it comes to composition and perspective, like the pool. I mean, it’s apparent that I can’t draw a pool to save my life. I have to learn how to draw pools, I mean I just have to. I think a lot of y story settings are going to be around pool skating. For these two drawings I didn’t use reference but I will be using reference for most of my backgrounds and props, I suck at backgrounds. And it is very frustrating but I guess I shouldn’t beat my self up about too much because I am used to just drawing characters by themselves for stickers and street art and never practiced drawing anything else because I didn’t want to. It helps me that I know how to draw from looking at things. If you can draw by looking at things you can simplify them and make them look cartoon like. If you don’t know how to do that there are book that teach you how to.


This drawing should not be called a panel, it is probably just a concept for a panel. I mean it’s just one of those drawings where I’m like, I do not how how to draw. I don’t know if I could give the pool dimension with shadows, which is what those scribbles on the right are supposed to be, but I don’t know, I think I’m going to have to study pictures of pools with shadows and figure out a way to draw the inside of pools in a way that looks like it’s a pool! And another thing, this slam is supposed to look like hes flies to the bottom of the pool at a very fast speed, it looks like he’s falling in slow motion. Not to mention that I was completely blocked for the background worrying about coherence and stuff like that. I mean, and that is what I always do, my first few panels are always decent and after that I just loose my motor skills. THE POOL PEOPLE, THE POOL! oh my god! is there anyone that can draw a pool worst than me, I dare ya.


Sometimes I don’t know if it’s that I get exited for the story and I want to knock out the drawings for the events that I have in mind and that may be one of the reasons why my panels get progressively worse.  Another concept for a panel, sheesh. Anyway, It’s frustrating but very rewarding at the same time because I’m putting in some actual work, and there’s also new things you can learn and it challenges my mind. All that is fun.