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Shop update

I’ve updated the payment options to include Bitcoin payment.  Etsy is my main shop where I will be putting up signed original drawings, canvas print and poster versions of the originals and the occasional  digital download drawing.  I will start an email newsletter for those who stumble into my art and really like it.  People who subscribe to the newsletter will get access to new art before I put it up online and the opportunity to buy direct from me for a lower price.  Anyone interested use the contact form bellow and I will add you.  Thanks everyone, have a great day, stay positive.

Similar to a bird in flight but with a chocolate cake in it’s head.

new ink011

I started this drawing about two weeks ago. It sat in my desk and I just looked at it every now and then. I wanted to throw it away. But then I was looking at it and noticed that I really liked it. I wanted to make something more spontaneous that the stuff I had been doing for the last year or so. I started experimenting with colors and with using colored pencils. Also the top of the drawing is inspired by my kids, a small more “recognizable” cartoonie form and I really dig that since I have been pretty much obsessed with cartoon style art for a long time. I decided to write the title in the front because I’m pretty bad with naming art and I pretty much forget the titles of everything.