I really like how this one came out.  Something about the lines and the style of the drawing that makes me hope that I could do every drawing just like this one. I Feel like all I have to do here is ink. I drew panel borders around it but the thing is I’m using copy paper to do all this drawings and for now I plan to put it together using Gimp so this drawing might become part of a more elaborate panel or it might stay like that or I might need to modify it to make it fit into a page and thus need to add stuff to it or something like that. I’ve been using just regular pencils but in this drawing I learned that I feel more comfortable drawing when the line is very thin and consistent, so I’m thinking about getting a mechanical pencil.


I spent almost all my free time trying to make this drawing right here and I’m still not happy with it.  Not sure what to do with the background, a lot of lines look so bad and stuff is just disproportionate all over the place. The hardest part about this drawing for me besides the pool of course is the with the shot gun. The thing about this scene for me is the pose of the character with the shotgun. To begin I didn’t know how to draw a shot gun so I had to look that up and learn how to draw it, then I had to start constructing the posture of the character while holding the gun with standard cartooning methods like using circles, lines and foreshortening to get the pose as close as I wanted it to be before I started fleshing the character out. I tried it a few times and was getting really frustrated and decided to just draw the scene with stick figures so that I would be able to see where I wanted the arms to go and how I wanted the legs to look.


Not to mention that I want another character in this scene and there might be some dialogue so I will most likely have take some time to think about the composition of this panel to include the three characters and a word balloon in a way that I can also have enough background and props to make it look like I want it to.

I also took some time to try and improve a panel I had already done, well, don’t know if I should say improve, maybe just change because as I draw I start seeing things and realize I want them to look a certain way and why not put the effort into learning how to make it look that way and improve my drawings. panel006

I also want to use some shading and stuff to give my drawings some more depth so I decided to pretty much just start playing with the drawing on Gimp.


I am not 100% happy with this but it does look a little bit how I want it to look when it comes to shading and texture. I’m going to have to do some further research I think because I don’t feel like this looks exactly how it should look for my personal taste. I mean I know I can just do the lines and whatnot, I’ve seen published work that is all lines, but, it’s just a personal preference and why not. I’m having fun. I’m probably going to re draw this panel because I used a dip pen to ink it that is too thick and I ended up loosing a lot of details. Still don’t know if I’ll get a smaller nib or go with markers.

So, I’m pretty much drawing in order of events of whatever comes to mind. I don’t have a story written, I do have several random situations sketched out but they’re not really part of a coherent story.  Meaning that none of them have anything to do with each other. But I still think I will use them some how for the story. I’m pretty much improvising and writing the story as I go. Of course it’s the first time I actually try to do this so I can’t be sure how this thing will turn out. I’m using pretty inexpensive tools and materials, you know, copy paper, cheap pencils, and Gimp and a good but affordable scanner. I would tell anyone to use copy paper and pencils to start drawing comics because if you don’t like the drawing you just made you can just throw it away and start again without feeling that you’re wasting money on expensive art materials and stuff and can freely draw whatever and HAVE FUN.