New Skaters

These drawings are in the shop. Had a lot of fun drawing them. I used India ink, watercolor, marker and colored pencil.

CROKNOK postal sticker poster

Poster from the first batch of hand drawn stickers up on the shop. I’m going to be posting photos of originals up on the streets at the CROKNOK Instagram page, go check it out. Anyone interested in original hand drawn stickers contact me via the contact page or message me through Instagram.

Weird Skater no.6

I’m having a lot of fun drawing these! Wish I could make one a day at least but I’m also working on a series of short stories for a webcomic I’m going to be putting up on Patreon.

Weird Skater no. 2

This is the second on what at the moment feels like it could turn into a series. I’m really enjoying drawing these characters. I can have fun playing with the details thus making the drawing a little bit more elaborate than my sequential stuff. I’m making these drawings through what feels like tumultuous times in…