Last day of practicing girls

practice sketches010

I figure it’s basically adding lips, pretty eyes and I guess a small waist helps.  Damn!  That broad came out dope!  I think I’m done practicing girls.  I think I got this!  Naw, I gotta keep practicing.  But I think that zombie girl looks good enough to star in one of my stories!  But yeah, I’ll keep building my women hairstyles and clothing morgues on Pinterest for when I need ideas and I think I’m good.  And also if I need a specific pose for a scene I can sketch it out first and practice it until I get it and add it to the panel.

Also, for anyone stumbling into this website looking for help on learning how to draw caricatures and stuff like that, I always recommend these books:

Cartooning Philosophy and Practice

Cartooning The Head and Figure

Character design by Sherm Cohen

The Lexicon of Comicana

But there’s also an invaluable free resource on the internet called Famous Artists Cartoon Course. It’s a course by mail from the past by some of the masters of that time. You can pretty much use just that and become a great cartoonist.