Unframed 8″ x 10″ ink drawing on archival paper.

I’ve been trying to do too much.

Over the years of showing my art on the internet I’ve experimented a little bit. If you take a look around on the website you will notice. I have mainly stuck to drawing because it is what I enjoy doing the most. I love doodling and I love drawing lines. A few years back I…

No time to make art

When I came back one of the first things I did was put some stickers up in the streets. I now have my own family of five and my kids are at an age where they need me there and I want to be there. I’m not saying you can’t make time for some good…


etsy.com/shop/croknok Original art, minimal skateboard drawing. Ink on paper, abstract cartoon. Modern and simple line illustration. urban, street painting.