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A message of hope.


I started drawing this guy a couple of days ago brainstorming and doodling trying to come up with an idea for sort of a comic book type project I’ve been wanting to make for some years now. The thing I like the most is it’s simplicity. I can draw this a hundred times over before it gets boring and that gives me a tool and more time to have fun experimenting with the story. The other day I listened to the deconstructing comics podcast episode about the Ivan Brunetti book “Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice” and the hosts seemed to not fully grasp the idea behind this book. The idea is simply to help the student tap into his creativity, he uses the medium of comics or cartooning to do so because that’s what he does. But if you can fully get the message of the book you can clearly see the book can help you in a way where you can actually curve your creativity even if it’s doing something other than drawing cartoons. One of the things he encourages is to create a character using simple lines and shapes. Simplify the drawing. Something that, if you read the “Famous Artists Cartoon Course” They emphasize in simplicity when cartooning and those guys where masters. I really enjoy Tom Gauld’s style. I drew this with a cheap marker and crayola colored pencils and I’m thinking about incorporating watercolor.

Similar to a bird in flight but with a chocolate cake in it’s head.

new ink011

I started this drawing about two weeks ago. It sat in my desk and I just looked at it every now and then. I wanted to throw it away. But then I was looking at it and noticed that I really liked it. I wanted to make something more spontaneous that the stuff I had been doing for the last year or so. I started experimenting with colors and with using colored pencils. Also the top of the drawing is inspired by my kids, a small more “recognizable” cartoonie form and I really dig that since I have been pretty much obsessed with cartoon style art for a long time. I decided to write the title in the front because I’m pretty bad with naming art and I pretty much forget the titles of everything.