How to find inspiration.

Two days ago, when I got home from work ai said to my self, “tomorow I’m not going to hide and go to sleep, I’m going to brainstorm for this story idea I’ve been wanting to make”. When I got to work I browsed social medias for about an hour, then I stoped doing that, I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and just started to doodle and think while liatening to music. I tired forcing some sort of plot or scene for about an hour but got nothing that I felt good about. I drew some cool stuff in the process but nothing related to a story I wanted to make! During the day as I worked on random tasks I kept toying around with ideas in my head and adding random pieces of information from stuff I’d hear during the day but it all felt like bad ideas. Nothing fun. I spent the entire day like that, working my brain off trying to come up with somwthing cool, I didn’t take a break to hide and go to sleep. At the end of the day I felt a little drained and had nothing. When I got home from work I decided to give it a rest and not think about it anymore. As I was showering I was thinking about this conflict I had with someone and as usual I was pretty much arguing with an invisible person, practicing what I was going to say the next time. I said something to the inviaible person and when I heard my self a argument came to my mind in respose to what I had just said. A sort of analyzing thought, a what if it’s not that way at all. It was a moment, and I caught it. A quick stream if ideas started pouring out my brain that felt like where the missing pieces of the few bits I had manage to brainstorm during the day! It felt organic but I also worked hard at it during the day! I came out if the shower and quickly sat down and with a pencil wrote two pages worth of scene ideas and dialoge. Enough to have something to begin with. Enough to flesh out quite a good short story and it worked for me. 

The whole thing made me realize once again that I am not exactly sure what inspires and influces me! All the ideas I got have nothing to do with the things I enjoy the most. So as some people say, inspiration can come from anywhere but the hard part I think is, learning to train your brain to recognize those things. Like when you watch a video or a movie or anything, even if subconsciously your being influenced I’ve learned to keep my mind open for the weird thoughts that come when you’re in the middle of any activity. Grab your phone and make a note! Seriously. 


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