I don’t feel like making art

I don’t remember where but recently I read a blog post this artist wrote about going through hard times emotionally and how he powered trough them and kept working. I admit I actually didn’t read the entire post. And I think it was because the simple thought of being resilient despite hard times makes my mind get lost. Life is good, I mean, some people have it hard, and my life isn’t the easiest but I choose to look at the good things. At the same time the reality is there are hard times, and it is very hard for me to stay motivated if I don’t feel happy.

But here’s the thing. I picture in my mind two people, like if I was watching a movie, both in more or less the same situation. They lost something. One analyzes his situation for a moment and decides to carry on making art. The other feels so affected by the situation that he spends his days brooding over the problem and in a constant state of sadness because of it. The reality is that it’s all about decisions. You can stay in bed if you want but just like you have the power to decide to get up and pee in the bathroom, you have the power to decide not to keep torturing yourself over something that you can’t change. You can do it! You can say you can’t do it, but in reality you can. All you have to do is make a decision and go with it. You can either be the guy who keeps going or the guy who mentally tortures himself and lets his life go by! Which one are you? I know I’m not the one who lets his life go by.


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