No time to make art

When I came back one of the first things I did was put some stickers up in the streets. I now have my own family of five and my kids are at an age where they need me there and I want to be there. I’m not saying you can’t make time for some good ol harmless vandalism but the time is definitely limited. Especially when you work almost 60 hours a week. I mean, with only a couple hours left a day and Sundays being my only day off, dividing that time between helping my kids with school work, taking some time to have fun with them, making time to watch some netflix with my wife and let’s not forget I need to go out skateboarding every so often or I’ll start to lose it. Time for watching a weird independent films that my wife won’t dig, reading a book or listening to an entire album is pretty much non existent for me at this point. 

But here’s the thing! With all the free time I had before getting married and having kids I never really took my art seriously. And now, my circumstances force me to do something. So, time has to be made to make art an show it. Because that’s what I do. In doing that one has to prioritize. First thing I did once I realized I was going to have to get up earlier and go te sleep later if really want to make art was, what type of stuff makes me happy when I am in the actual process of creating, does it make other people happy when they see it and of all that what is the most accessible and ideal taking into cosideration my limited ammount of time, space and resources? When you really want to do something you stop making excuses and you find a way. That’s what I said to my self. You can read as many how to manage your time and how to stay motivated books but at the end of the day the reality is, as Albert Einstein put it “There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own”. What I’ve learnt for my self is, it’s all about self dicipline, resilience and will power. Sometimes I think its to bad it took me so long to realize this but at the same time, as long as you’re alive it’s not to late. You do it for your self you do it because it makes you happy and it makes other people happy. 


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